The reserve is home not only to birds but also to a rich variety of fauna. In recent years animals new to the site have been spotted such as porcupines, European pine martens and hedgehogs which have joined those already present such as foxes, rabbits and weasels.

Along the trails of the Saltflats of Priolo one may encounter various reptiles which live here undisturbed. Along the canals lives the Sicilian pond turtle, a rare regional endemism which is threatened by the presence of invasive species, especially American ones. Snakes are frequently spotted such as the Green whip snake, grass snake, European ratsnake and lacertids such as the European green lizard and the Italian wall lizard.

Dry stone walls are home to the Ocellated Skink, a reptile usually found in North Africa, which in Italy can be found in Sicily and very few other sites in the Southern part of the peninsula.